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Basic Edition - 60 Books, One Case
Doug G.l.h.i. (Martins Ferry, US)
Great simple info for Buyer

Book is light to ship and fits nicely with report. It can actually be part of the report .

Good title

This is a great finishing touch for my great indpection.

Home illustrated system

Great illustrations, however Im having trouble getting a clear picture on my reports. The illustrations are blurry. Maybe you can give me a call with some direction, thanks [****]

Standard Edition - 28 Books, One Case
Michael B. (Somerset, US)
Great books

I'm now giving out these books to my customers at the end of their inspections. They seem to be fans. Added my business contact info, logos, etc to the covers. Here's hoping they wind up on their bookshelf for years until they need me again!

Quick Tips Pack 6 (13 Tips)
Vicki H. (Chicago, US)
Quick Tips Packs Rock

Great resources that we use in multiple ways with our home inspection customers and referral lead partners.

How to Operate Your Home - Online eBook
David N. (Oconomowoc, US)
These books are great!

I provide a copy of “How to Operate Your Home” to all of my home inspection customers. Everybody is very thankful and really appreciates this “gift” and I hear back from many people how often they refer to their book when they have a question about their home.

Standard Edition - 28 Books, One Case
Mark S.L. (Ashburn, US)
Great book!

Been using the Mr. Fixit series for years!

Excellent Information for Home Inspectors

I am very much impreesed with detailed diagrams. I will use them in my reports.

customers love it....they all say "that's for me".....well worth the extra cost.....years after i get calls about the need for a home inspection and they tell me i got your number from a friend on the book you pass out....i tell my clients to follow the books maintenance and you will be a happy home my 40 years of building, i must say i also learned a few things...explanations are spot on through the book

Standard Edition - 28 Books, One Case
Jeff W. (Naperville, US)
Wonderful Book

I’ve been sharing this book with my clients and they really enjoy receiving a copy. A fantastic educational tool and marketing device.

Quick Tips Pack 1 (13 Tips)
Mike B. (Olathe, US)

The quick tips are great, and I am receiving great results.

How to Operate Your Home

Clients live the book. Real estate agents tell clients book is very informative

Every inspection every time

I started my home inspection business 6 years ago and I’ve given out these home maintenance manuals (how to operate your home-standard edition) the whole time. Whether the client is a first time home owner or has owned a home for years, they always find the information useful and are delighted to receive one at the inspection. I highly recommend this product and the added value it provides my clients is well worth the investment.

My Home - 62 Books, One Case
Robert T. (Seattle, US)
HTOYH Review

Love the book and hand it out to all of my buyer clients along with other helpful WIN material.

Standard Edition - 28 Books, One Case
Raymond S. (Brightwaters, US)
Great for First Time homebuyers

So many people have no idea what it truly means to be a homeowner. The maintenance of a home can be daunting. That is why I love giving all my clients "How To Operate Your Home." it is a great resource for all my clients especially the First Timer!

Great Illustrations for Inspections Reports

I was shopping for an illustration pack and came across this one. As a stickler for branding, I appreciate the consistency among images. They are very useful and I think my clients will appreciate them.

Content Sample Pack - Free Instant Download

My Home - 62 Books, One Case
Kevin M. (Chicago, US)
Client give aways

I give the book out to all clients and agents. I’ve had several agents say they’ve read the book through and were glad they received it. Great give away for events and office visits.

Great Set of Inspection Graphics

This is a very nice collection of inspection graphics to use in reports.

Standard Edition - 28 Books, One Case
Ricky K. (Cortlandt Manor, US)
Book review

At the start of every inspection I hand a a copy of the book to my clients. 9 times out of 10 they are thrilled. Even experienced home owners appreciate the gesture as they may have never had a septic system or single family home.
The books are loaded with valuable information that even the real estate agent’s appreciate having.

Thanks, Ricky! It's great to give homeowners (and realtors) something tangible and informative in today's world of digital content bombardment. We really appreciate your feedback!

WIN Woodinville

This material has been such a help to my clients, and now that it is available as an e-book, it will only make it more useful and more widely available. Thank you for making this possible.

That's great to hear, Robert! After many years, we're very happy to offer How to Operate Your Home as an online eBook. Thanks again!

How to Operate Your Home

Great book, goes into detail a lot of the things we talk about during the home inspection. My clients love it

Online "How to Operate Your Home"

I've been waiting for an online version of the book and it finally came out! Great tool for home inspectors. Quick set up, easy to navigate. Look forward to using it to bring my value to my clients.

Thanks for the feedback, Mike! We're happy to offer a digital version of How to Operate Your Home. We'll be updating the online eBook with new and dynamic content, so we'll keep you posted!

HTOYH online

Love, love, love the fact that I can share this amazing resource with the click of button! Excellent method of sharing with clients and realtors! Thank you so much!

Thanks for the feedback, David!

Inspectors and homeowners really love the new custom-branded digital access. Feel free to click and share, everywhere!

My Home - 62 Books, One Case
Lance K. (Mahopac, US)

The books are great. This is my second case and my clients love the books