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I give How to Operate Your Home to each of my home inspection clients. A fantastic "must have" manual every homeowner should know.

Robert A. (Home Inspector)

This should be a mandatory gift from the mortgage company when somebody closes on their first home. Great information on every page.

Michael C. (Contractor)

We received a copy of this book as part of the inspection. I have referenced that book many times over the years. It's a great resource for homeowners!

Jim M. (Homeowner)

Great book! I give a copy of Tom's book to all of my home inspection customers.

David N. (Home Inspector)

I think all of my new homeowner insurance customers need a copy!

Christine S. (Home Insurance)

Wonderful book! We got How to Operate Your Home from our home inspector. Every house should have one. We bought three more, for our kids!

Richter (Homeowner)

We received a copy from our home inspector. How to Operate Your Home is an excellent resource for every homeowner. Very informative!

Kathy M. (Homeowner)

Fantastic book. No homeowner should be without a copy.

Kim K. (Homeowner)

Excellent reference material!

Robert D. (Homeowner)
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