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Home Systems Illustrated

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Home Systems IllustratedHome Systems Illustrated (fifth edition) contains line-art illustrations for home systems, equipment, construction details, operational tips, typical problems and maintenance tips for residential construction. Use them in your promotional materials, website, and reports. Each file has a precise title, so you can easily find the image you need. There are over 400 new illustrations for decks, structure, faux stone, exterior flashing, stairs, handrails, and more.

An optional reference book is included, with all illustrations and a comprehensive index.


  • Over 1,700 high-resolution JPG images
  • More than 225 color illustrations
  • More than 150 Spanish illustrations
  • 344-page reference manual (optional)

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Quick Tips

Content for Your Email, Website, Blog and Social Media

Quick Tips

Do you want to keep in touch with your customers but lack the time to write material? Let Quick Tips do the talking for you. With Quick Tips, you can market your services while providing useful information to your customers.

Each Quick Tip includes professionally written text and a color illustration – ready to be inserted into your layout.

Customize for Your Business

Quick Tips are provided as a text file, with an accompanying JPEG image. Add the content to your email newsletter campaign, website, blog, social media, newsletter, or even a printed handout.

Preview of Topics:

  1. Sticking Closet Door
  2. Quick – Turn Off the Water! (warm and cold climates)
  3. Plugged Drain? Here’s a Quick Fix
  4. One Cold Room
  5. Save Money with a Filter Change
  6. Finding Studs
  7. Get with the GFCI
  8. The Sinking Sidewalk
  9. No “Ding-Dong” at the Bell
  10. Reviving a “Dead” Disposal
  11. Inside Info on an Outdoor Fixture
  12. Is Your Roof Worn Out?
  13. That *#%! Stuck Patio Screen Door

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Home Tips

Home Tips

10 PDF articles for your website, emails, printing and newsletters. Great information for your customers. Update your website to keep it high on the search engines while providing great information.

Each article is professionally written with extensive use of illustrations. Ten articles delivered electronically for your unlimited use, sold online.

Home Tips Article List:

  1. Finding Studs
  2. Fogged Up? Clearing the Air About Window Condensation Problems
  3. The Ice Dam Cometh!
  4. Insulate Your Attic – But Don’t Stop There!
  5. Keep Your Basement Dry
  6. Kitchen Cabinets – Replace, Re-Face, Refinish or Paint
  7. Replace Your Asphalt Shingle Roof
  8. Replace your Furnace
  9. Restore Your Aluminum or Vinyl Siding
  10. Squeaky Floors

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