How To Operate Your Home

Professional Edition

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How to Operate Your Home

Four Book Sampler

four_book_samplerThe How to Operate Your Home four-book sampler is valued at a retail price of nearly $100, and includes every book in our collection. This is a great place to start, if you’re not sure about which book will work best for your business.

Included books:

  • How to Operate Your Home – Professional Edition
  • How to Operate Your Home – Standard Edition
  • Basic Home Systems
  • My Home

Price: $50.00

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Home Systems Illustrated

Special Price—Limited Time Only: $199

Home Systems Illustrated coverHome Systems Illustrated (fourth edition) is a book and CD/download set that contains line art illustrations for home systems, equipment, construction details, operational tips, typical problems and maintenance tips for residential construction. All illustrations are provided for use in your promotional materials, website, and reports.

  • Over 1,500 high and low-resolution JPEG images on CD/download
  • More than 250 color illustrations
  • More than 150 Spanish illustrations
  • 360-page reference manual included

List price: $295.95

Special Price—Limited Time Only: $199