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cover_quick_tipsDo you want to keep in touch with your customers but lack the time to write material? Let Quick Tips do the talking for you. With Quick Tips, you can market your services while providing useful information to your customers.

Each Quick Tip includes professionally written text and a color illustration – ready to be inserted into your layout.

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Quick Tips are provided as a text file, with an accompanying JPEG image. Add the content to your email newsletter campaign, website, blog, social media, newsletter, or even a printed handout.

Preview of Topics:

  1. Sticking Closet Door
  2. Quick – Turn Off the Water! (warm and cold climates)
  3. Plugged Drain? Here’s a Quick Fix
  4. One Cold Room
  5. Save Money with a Filter Change
  6. Finding Studs
  7. Get with the GFCI
  8. The Sinking Sidewalk
  9. No “Ding-Dong” at the Bell
  10. Reviving a “Dead” Disposal
  11. Inside Info on an Outdoor Fixture
  12. Is Your Roof Worn Out?
  13. That *#%! Stuck Patio Screen Door
  14. Thump, Thump…It’s the Water Heater
  15. Garage Door Safety
  16. Three-Way, Two-Way or One-Way Switch?
  17. Caulking the Wide Open Spaces
  18. A Drip at the Darned Valve – Again
  19. My Siding Is Dirty
  20. Extension Cord Safety
  21. GFCI? What? Why?
  22. The Rain May Drain, But It’s Really Not a Pain
  23. Fixing a Drip at the Bathroom Fan
  24. Compact Fluorescents – Yes, a Good Deal!
  25. Turn That Gas Off
  26. Pop-Up Stopper Sticks

Quick Tips Demo

Visit the How to Operate Your Home blog, powered by Quick Tips. The blog provides a great example of how to use Quick Tips.

Price: $195 for 13 tips (for one to two-inspector firms)

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Larger companies should call for pricing. Once you purchase the tip, you’re allowed unlimited use, except in publications for resale.

Easy Email Marketing

How do I get started with email marketing?

Let Quick Tips do the talking for you. Start an email newsletter campaign with a vendor like Constant Contact® or MailChimp®. After the first issue, simply reuse your template, changing only the Quick Tips content. Your vendor distributes the emails and tracks usage.

We can provide the name of a consultant to get you started, and help set up your email marketing.